The Value of Oil and Gas

The Value of Oil and Gas

Have you seen our gigantic touch screen? Move around on the world map, learn interesting facts or catch up on the latest news from the oil and gas industry. Do you know how many iPhones you can buy for the price of fifty oil barrels? Use our calculator and find the answer.



The Life of a Field

Follow the development of an oil field from start to finish, from the early exploration to its final closing. One of the world’s widest ships helps us in the search by pulling cables behind it and shooting sound waves into the seabed to make a seismic picture. The cables can cover an area of 1500 football fields at maximum capacity.



Local and Global

Are you curious about Aker Solutions’ locations around the world? Use our transparent touch screen to navigate, see where we are represented on the globe and what we do in our locations. You can also read about other companies in the industry.