‘Health, Safety & Environment’ (HSE) is very important for the oil and gas industry. Here you will learn how near accidents have helped us to strengthen our HSE work and contributed to major HSE improvements in the industry. You get to know your own HSE risk profile, by taking a short test.

HSE in the industry

The oil and gas industry used to be considered risky and dangerous, but we have learned from our mistakes. Today, health, safety and environment are just as important on platforms as in offices. Good routines and strict rules contribute to low accident rates – and we are proud of that.


HSE in Aker Solutions

In Aker Solutions, we live our values of health, safety and environment (HSE) among our employees. That’s why we give out awards for outstanding HSE performance every year. We have asked some of our employees to share their HSE commitments. Find out what we mean by good HSE.


HSE risk test

This test measures how aware you are about topics such as health, safety and the environment. Maybe it will encourage you to wear a bike helmet, buy eco-friendly food or take the stairs instead of the elevator? Do you accept the challenge?


Exploring the unknown

On this wall, we illustrate that the oil and gas industry work in harsh conditions topside, and explore the depths of the seabed.