Are you an innovative person? Do you have a burning desire to create something? Have an interactive dialogue with some of our engineers, get inspired and take your own ‘Creativity test’ to see what kind of profile you have.

Meet an engineerIngeniør

Are you curious, creative and search for solutions when others give up? Here’s a chance to have an interactive dialog with some of our employees. Ask about their educational choices, areas of interest and what it is like to work in the industry.



Small steps and quantum leapsKvantesprang

Gas compression on the seabed has long been a goal in the industry. Kjell Olav Stinessen laid the foundations for the technology back in 1985, and since then engineers have worked tirelessly towards a solution. Today, the technology is becoming reality and is likely to revolutionize the industry. You can also read more about other innovative projects that we are proud of.


Creativity testKreativitet

How do you solve problems? Are you a specialist, communicator or a project manager? In the oil and gas industry, thousands of people with different backgrounds work to solve complex challenges. Take the test to find your profile.



I am engineering the futureTårnet

What kind of activities can Engineerium offer to challenge your creativity and innovation skills? Our tower will give you examples and inspiration!



The DomeDomen

Are you curious about how we use advanced gaming technology in our pioneering projects? Stop by the gigantic dome on the second floor and see for yourself. The Dome is a simplified version of the simulators our engineers use in their work.