Can you light up the municipality of Bærum? We challenge you to produce as much energy as possible by using our six installations: solar power, hydro power, oil & gas, nuclear power, coal and wind power. Gather points and save your results in the Engineerium app. Maybe you will be this week's energy winner displayed on the screens in our exhibition?

Solar power

Can you control the airplane with solar power? This is also the place where you can learn how much energy 4800 solar panels produce in a day. Can you guess the amount of energy?



Oil and gas

Do you want to drill for oil and gas with our drilling simulator? Use the joystick to drill through the thick layers on the seabed. How much oil and gas can you recover in 45 seconds?




Unload coal from the boat to shore before the time runs out. Coal provides a lot of energy and used to be the world’s most important source of energy until oil became dominant in the 1960s and 70s. There is enough coal in the world to last for 200 years. The downside is that burning coal is a big source of pollution.




Are you powerful? Test our water pump and check how much hydropower you can generate in 45 seconds. Even though Norway has large amounts of oil and gas, 99 percent of the electricity consumed comes from hydropower stations.


Wind power

Did you know that wind can be used for energy? Use the power of your lungs and blow to make the wind turbine spin. Wind power is a renewable energy source. In Norway, wind power is best produced in coastal areas and the mountains near the coast.



Nuclear power

Nuclear power is a very effective energy source. So why do we not use it more? Go to the installation and see if you can find an answer.