Team building and activities

Team building and activities

Engineerium offers a range of different activities in the exhibition, either in connection to a meeting or as a stand alone team building.

Guided tour of the exhibitionIMG_1344

The guide will take you through the interactive exhibition and tell you about the installations.  You will learn new facts, and be challenged to play games and compete with your colleagues. A guided tour usually last 40 minutes, but this can be adjusted according to your needs.


Engineering Challenge20160226 Engineerium 700

Try the interactive game Engineering Challenge! You will be divided into teams and compete to develop a new oil field and win the contract to deliver the best solution. The game lasts 2 hours, can be played in English or Norwegian and works for groups from 5 to 32 participants.


Quiz and competitions in the exhibition20160226 Engineerium 585

We offer quizes and competitions in the exhibition for small and large groups. You can use the Engineerium app to play and compete in the EnergyLab or we can taylor quizes in the exhibition to your needs. These activities can also be combined with a guided tour.


Mingling sessions 20160226 Engineerium 438

All activities in Engineerium can be combined with food and drinks. The exhibition is also well suited for mingling sessions without extra activities. Contact us at  and we will find a solution that suits your group’s needs!