Nutcracker day at Engineerium

Thursday 5 March, 30 students from the lower secondary schools Hundsund, Ringstabekk and Engebråten participated in a «Nutcracker day» at Engineerium. They were introduced to development of technology and practical mathematics in the engineering profession.

Nutcracker day is part of the partnership agreement Engineerium has with three lower secondary schools, and the purpose is to inspire students who are interested in mathematics to pursue an engineering education. 30 students from Hundsund, Ringstabekk and Engebråten spent the entire day at Engineerium. The mathematical content was all about price, strength and weight measurements of a drilling riser.

Kevin Gow, analysis engineer in Aker Solutions Subsea, guided the students throughout the day and showed them relevant products from the industry. He told them about his typical work day and how math is an important tool in his work. The students then solved a case and simulated the landing of a subsea stack in a pool.

– It was fun to see how enthusiastic the students were in the group work, Kevin Gow said at the end of the day. This was unknown territory for them, but it was obvious that they did their best when working in groups, even though it wasn’t easy, and they didn’t have a lot of time.

Teachers from the three schools assisted throughout the day.

– It’s good to see how they do things in the business, said Skage Hansen, math teacher at Engebråten school.

This is the first time Engineerium hosts a “Nutcracker day”, but we hope to be able to do more events like this in the future.