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Engineerium is an interactive technology and science center at Fornebu.

Visit us to learn more about the history of the Aker companies and the oil and gas industry in Norway. Explore technology and science phenomena in theory and real life, see models of big platforms and other kinds of equipment for oil recovery. Play and learn about different energy sources, and test your knowledge on our interactive installations. In addition to the interactive exhibition we have 7 meeting rooms and conference facilities. For meeting room inquiries, send an email to: post@engineerium.no.

The center consists of a 2000 square meter exhibition area, and opened in 2012. Engineerium is owned by Akastor, but represents the following companies: Aker, Akastor, Aker Solutions, MHWirth, First Geo, Frontica, Kværner, AKOFS Offshore, KOP, Fjords Processing, Ocean Yield and Det norske oljeselskap..


Kaja Wiel


Email: kaja.wiel@engineerium.no

Phone number: 922 12 211

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Sigrun Reisæter

Exhibition Manager

Email: sigrun.reisaeter@engineerium.no

Phone number: 986 51 670

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